Real Facts And Truth About Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Definition And Features Of The Breast Reconstruction Procedure
This medical procedure is usually meant to create natural-appearing breast by using either breast implants or your own tissue according to this site There are many techniques that are involved in making this procedure successful depending on your medical history, personal needs or specifications and your anatomy as well. This procedure is significantly important and any woman life as it can potentially improve both the quality and emotional wellbeing of an individual. The reconstruction procedure will seek to restore back your breast to an almost normal shape, size and appearance especially following mastectomy. If just one breast had been affected and has to be reconstructed, the other accompanying procedures will be performed to the other breast so as to ensure asymmetry in size and position of both breasts. These procedures include breast lift, and breast reduction or augmentation.

What makes you a right candidate for a breast reconstruction?
Only a few women that have to go through mastectomy will not be candidates of this procedure, however, most of them are. The issue and concern is to find out the right technique that will be appropriate for you as an individual which will automatically become, part of your overall cancer therapy plan. Again, this is an extremely personal and private decision and so it has to come from you and not done to please anybody. Any woman that is able to cope extremely well with their diagnosis and therapy becomes a good candidate and also those with no other medical conditions that could easily slow of affect the healing process. Having a very positive outlook about the procedure and also have some realistic goals as to why you need to restore your breast and your overall body image are some of the key ingredients that every woman needs to have before signing the consent forms.

When the procedure is usually performed
There are two options that your surgeons might pick from and it’s either at the same time as the mastectomy is done, or later on after you have healed or recovered from the mastectomy procedure and from any other additional cancer therapy.

The results of the breast reconstruction procedure
The procedure will rebuild your breast, but again, the results will vary greatly because any reconstructed breast will never have the same feeling and sensations as the original one. Then the incisions will always be visible on your breast either form the mastectomy or from the reconstruction procedures. Basically, the results of the breast reconstruction surgical procedure will depend on the type of surgery performed by the surgeon.

Possible complications and risk of the procedure
You will have to thoroughly discuss with your doctors on whether the procedure is what you really want and how it will affect or improve your life. Any possible complications should be weighed and compared to the advantages of going through with the surgery. Some of these risks include bleeding, infection, anesthesia associated risks and poor incision healing. Learn more about risks with plastic surgery here

The breast reconstruction procedure

The procedure follows some specific steps beginning with anesthesia that will take care of any pain sensation or feeling in the course of the procedure, the reconstruction work will then start as the surgeon uses the flap technique to reposition your muscle, fat and the neighboring skin as well so as to cover the mound of the breast. Tissue expansion to stretch the healthy neighboring tissue so as to accommodate the breast implant will follow before the placement if the implant into the breast mound. The nipple and areola will finally be created via other special technique and grafting methods to complete the procedure. The good thing with this procedure is the emotional and physiologic help it has given to the many women that couldn’t have lived with the idea of having one breast.

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