Pulpotomy Procedure

Most of the people think that Pulpotomy is related to root canal procedure; however, it is completely a different procedure which is performed to remove the tooth Pulp from Pulp chamber; this chamber doesn’t touch the roots of the tooth. This procedure can be conducted for root canal patients, as it can remove swelling as well as discomfort. However, this procedure is mainly designed for treating deep cavities which affect tooth Pulp over the roots.
Kids lose their baby teeth sooner than expected due to tooth decay. They also feel pain and discomfort because of tooth decay, and it could reach to the roots if ignored. The extraction process is good for kids in these cases, but it is not preferred in adults, so they follow root canal procedures. Nevertheless, tooth decay is a common problem in every age group; still, people 40% people ignore it. Pulpotomy can help in eliminating tooth decay, and it can also help in preventing root canal procedure, as this will not allow decay to affect tooth roots.
In this dental procedure, decaying tooth mater is removed by the dentist to access the Pulp chamber to eliminate Pulp and affected nerves. After this, medications are used to fill up the place for a short period of time. After the treatment, a dental crown is placed to avoid further decay, and it is also good to protect the tooth from any kind of infection.
Pulpotomy is effective for a child’s tooth, but we cannot say that it is 100% successful as well. A few times, root canal procedure is required to treat the area which is damaged in the process of pulpotomy. Yes, pulpotomy can also damage roots. It is up to parents and the dentist to decide whether the extraction is worthwhile or a root canal procedure is a good treatment.
Pulpotomy is performed on baby teeth, but it is also very famous for older adults. Many older adults cannot bear the pain in root canal procedure; they can choose pulpotomy to postpone the root canal procedure. There is only one issue associated with this procedure that it removes tooth pain, which convince people to ignore root canal procedure in future. Keep in mind that pulpotomy on older adults can relieve pain; however, it cannot cure or treat the problem of an older adult tooth. If your dentist is suggesting you root canal, you should undergo that procedure as soon as possible, because if you ignore it, you might face tooth loss and other dental problems in future.